Shaolin Youth Summer Camp 2018: JULY 28-AUGUST 11, 2018.

Choose Your Warrior Destiny:

Week 1: July 28 – August 4

Week 2: August 4 – August 11

Join us for Week 1, Week 2 or both weeks!


There is nothing like this Summer Camp. This is a summer camp experience like no other, as you will be living and training the same way the Shaolin Warrior Monks have been training for over 1500 years.


Confidence. Discipline. Self-Respect. Compassion. Grit.


The Shaolin Summer Camp at the USA Shaolin Temple offers the first full time annual martial arts camp in the United States or Canada. Regardless of their previous martial arts experience, youth from the ages of 11-17 can achieve the amazing benefits of rigorous Shaolin training: you will train physically, mentally, and spiritually. The campers will build new relationships with a diverse group of peers as they engage in daily training activities and explore the culture of the famous Shaolin Temple as it applies to our modern times. The Upstate Shaolin Temple lives within the majestic surroundings of the Catskill mountains in New York. Besides training in the core disciplines of Shaolin (Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong), each camper’s experience will be enriched by activities such as Chan Philosophy, Chinese language, calligraphy, art, journaling, nature hikes, and other sports and outdoor excursions. All meals, room and board are provided, as well as training sneakers and a t-shirt.


For more info visit Shaolin Summer Camp or call us 212.358.7876.