Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skills Course

Shifu’s online basic skills course breaks down Shaolin Kung Fu basics so you can learn at your own speed. The movements will increase flexibility, cardiovascular & immune health, calm the mind & more.Includes Shifu’s signature warm-up stretches, basic movements and a form combining all the movements taught. Open to all levels.

Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong for Stress & Tension Course

Join Shifu for Ba Duan Jin Form (Eight Section Brocade). This form helps to release stress and tension built up in the body from every day activities: pro-longed use of technology, standing, sitting, over thinking, worries, etc. Heal your senses, internal organs and calm the mind. Full form will be taught along with historical context, explanations and philosophy. Open to all levels.

Intro Course Package: Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong & Shaolin Kung Fu Basics

Save $ 26 USD with this introductory offer which includes Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skills & Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong for Health & Longevity. Best package for a student who wants to learn a combination of Shaolin Martial Arts and experience both courses. Open to all levels.

Kung Fu Shaolin habilidades básicas en Español

Payment is for an annual subscription and is renewed automatically on 365-day intervals. Members can choose to change subscription settings within their PayPal account. For more details, please visit: The USA Shaolin Temple does not offer refunds on purchased courses or recurring subscription charges.