Shaolin Kung Fu provides a great number of benefits in both physical, mental and social for your children.

By practicing Kung Fu they will boost their self-confidence, little by little  confidence is acquired  due to coordination and physical fitness giving them the right confidence to make better choices in their lives.

The physical benefits of practicing martial arts have been well documented around the world, there is not much we can say about it that you have not already heard, the psychical benefits like coordination and balance are specially important for kids when entering awkward growing stages, concentration, discipline and camaraderie are side effects that come natural to the practice of the martial arts.

One of the biggest concerns about parents are respect, calm and feel safe about their children dealing with bulling, showing respect is intrinsic in the practice of Kung Fu, their training will improve their ability to release nervous energy and develop  respect and camaraderie with their fellow students, beside all this your kids will have a lot of Fun learning authentic Kung Fu

The USA Shaolin Temple offers classes for kids with high experience instructors, come take a look!  have some doubts ?  give us a call !  or even better come to watch a class:

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